Ett Bättre År – A better – Une meilleure – Ein besseres – Un año mejor 2021

Gott nytt år – Bonne Année – Happy New Year – Feliz año nuevo

In the beginning of the Christmas days we had heavy snow, that melted within 24 hours. Arriving by boat to the island we had to dig for our bikes. At the house, a streak of light on the horizon.

For everyone this has been a very different year.
As for us, we spent most of our time at home on Södermalm, and also on our island Runmarö. Working from home, with occasional meetings in the office or at school.
We did not go to Copenhagen like we use to do. Neither to my home province Värmland and home town Säffle. But below there are some links to events and music related to ’Dear Old  Värmland’. Enjoy!
I hope your year 2020 was fruitful in one way or another and that you are all healthy and will stay so.  And we will meet again!
Warmest regards,  Åke & Co

Ways to learn and keep in touch with Värmland. The province of poets.

Spotify – Värmlandsvisan, or as the jazz community  calls it ’Dear old Stockholm’ Listen and enjoy Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Scot Hamilton …

Advent calendar by the young ones in Säffle’s Cultural and music  school. In 24 short videos they show what they leart – wonderful!

Kompisarna (The Friends) is a band from Värmland and Säffle, several of them are my friends. December 19 there was a live streamed concert from the church in Säffle, while money was collected for those in need. As of today 135 000 SEK have been collected.  Start listening 30 minutes into the video.

Bengt Berg, old  friend, and poet from northern Värmland, was reading poems all along the month of December, here his December 24 poetry reading and reflections, and even song! There are 23 more videos on Bengt’s facebook  (in Swedish)

Back in Stockholm, on youtube a live streamed New Years Eve concert from the Royal Academy of Music (Musikaliska).  … And by the way, our co-housing unit here, our living community Tullstugan has a new facebook page. Come visit, and like our page. And post-corona perhaps also in real life.

Approaching New Years eve Klara thought I needed a haircut. There was storm,20 meters/second, the wind was blowing and so was my hair both uncut on my head and blowing in the wind. The result was excellent I think. With the new haircut we welcome the new year hoping for the best for all of us.


Season’s Greetings – Gott Nytt År – Bonne Année à Tous

Wishing you all a Happy New Year with a homage to Tomas Tranströmer and the Stockholm archipelago:
a poetic documentary film and photos 

In this  wonderful documentary film by Eva and James Wine, Tomas Tranströmer, Nobel prize for litterature 2011, reads (in Swedish) his long poem ÖstersjöarBaltic Seas, with documentary material and pictures from Runmarö and the Stockholm archipelago. Tomas’ family were pilots (lotsar) from Runmarö guiding boats sailing towards Stockholm harbour.
Update August 2017: The film could earlier be watched for free; now you may rent the film for $ 3.99 here.
The poem Baltic Seas  in English translation.
Links to translations into several languages
Background information to the film.
Tomas Tranströmer reading Baltics at the University of Arizona 1974 and 1975
Related facebook page

Sur Tranströmer en Francais.

Below are pictures I shot in the year 2006 at a reading of Tomas Tranströmer’s poetry on his Runmarö island in the Stockholm archipelago. It was a wonderful summer afternoon with cello musci, reading – and picknick in the green. Here also Tomas’ wife Monica. Fine summer memories this grey winter December.

. Tomas Transtrømer vid poesilæsning, Runmarø          Tomas och Monika Transtrømer

Below a picture from our festivities in the Runmarö local community center (Hembygdsgården) at the same time as the Nobel Prize banquet when Tomas was awarded the Nobel Prize for litterature in December 2011. On the big screen – television transmission from the Stockholm City Hall, with Tomas and Monica at the table.

Transtrømer Nobel fest på Hembygdsgården

That was a real winter back in 2011. And so was last winter in and around Stockholm. Here the Styrsvik jetty on Runmarö and skating in the afternoon sun on Källtorpsjön lake at Hellas outdoor sports center. This year however so far: grey. But it could be worse, and will probaby  become better!

Styrsvik vinter Runmarö

Hellas skating



OM 100 Gunnar couverture

My 2016. During the year that passed I made two visits to Sicily, Palermo and mainly Siracusa, a wonderful historic town with greek roots on the south-east coast. I got time to read and write, and swim. I worked on a policy oriented book in Swedish, with twenty-seven colleagues, on research policy in the field of work. Find the book, and abstracts in English here. For the moment I started working with colleagues on a basic university textbook in Swedish on work and management in  a changing ”Swedish model”.  This is a further development of my edited volume Nordic Lights.
After that I am planning a minor study on employment, immigration and  rightwing politics in a small town. Some of you may have heard about my long time project researching and aiming  to write a book about Gunnar Andersson, Säffle-Gunnar, le grand buteur, great star in OM, Olympique de Marseille in the 1950’s. Here is a link to a facebook page about Gunnar   The photo here is the cover of the book for OM’s 100 year celebration, with Gunnar on the front cover.