Åke Sandberg

BIO: Åke Sandberg is a researcher and author within work, management, IT and media. Holds an MBA from Gotenburg and PhD in sociology (Uppsala). Emertius professor at Stockholm University, earlier at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology (School of Computer Science and Communication, and Inst. of industrial management) and Arbetslivsinstitutet (the National Institute for Working Life, NIWL). This is my private blog, but of course I am drawing om what I learn in my research and work.On the first page, Home, I intend to blog now and then. My posts will, as usual, be mainly observations and comments to current affairs in society, research, and sometimes life. I will also post there when I make major updates of the site, e.g. new publications, new projects etc.

I see this site also as an additional research tool, inspired by my friend and colleague Michel Freyssenet in Paris. It is a tool to collect, organize (also for myself), publish and make available research and publications and perhaps reaching new audiences and even creating possibilities for cooperation. In an ambitious way Michel classifies publications by research question. I begin here with the usual chronological lists, and intend to gradually publish links to full text documents.

I (that is my 12 years old daughter Klara) added a Google translate box to my site.

I have worked as a researcher,  since the mid 1970’s  at the Arbetslivsinstitutet/ the National Institute of Working Life; during two periods also as an adjunct professor at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, at the Department of  Industrial management, and in the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC). I have been a guest professor and researcher in Roskilde, Sydney and Aix-en-Provence.

The last five years I have been a professor, now emeritus, at the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University, mainly advising students’ final exam papers, and holding a seminar series on research and practice with a focus on the fields of work and organization. My personal websites at the department are found here and here.

On this site you will now find, by way of introduction, an overview of my research interests and of my research publications. I will also list and publish some of my opinion articles; opinion pieces will now also appear in my blog. My blog is at the same time the home page of my site.Lately I have taken up the idea of also carrying out anand reporting analyses within my areas of competence: SandbergResearch.

Åke Sandberg

Researcher, author & cyclist – in front of the Stockholm City Hall on my way to the University

Email: ake.sandberg2 [@] gmail.com  or job emails:  ake.sandberg [@] sociology.su.se  or akesan [@] kth.se
Twitter: @AkeSandberg
Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/akesandberg
Facebook: facebook.com/akesan
Skype: ake.sandberg2

I am willing to undertake commissions and to speak, carry out analyses and investigations and write reports within my areas of competence.If you find this of interest, please contact me at one of the email addresses above

Best regards  /  Åke Sandberg