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Här är några porträtt. De är fria att publicera – i anslutning till texter om min forskning. Den som skriver och publicerar bild förväntas sända en länk till publiceringen till mig.

Find below high resolution portraits
When you publish the photographers name shall be mentioned, a photo byline.
Photos from top to bottom
Photos 1 and 2 are shot in my neighbourhood in Stockholm, Södermalm, by Susanne Kronholm.
Photos 3– 5  are private (3 and 5 by Klara Sandberg Svejgaard)
Photo 4 from the roof of our neighbour White architects at Hammarbykanalen/ Hammarby canal,, Stockholm.
Photo 6 by Zanna Nordqvist/ETC
Photo 7, by Anders Andersson/Studentlitteratur.

Contact me when you publish an article with a photo
You are asked to email a link to your publication.
To download a portrait, double-click on the picture and save.
With mention of the photographer’s name, photos 1 – 6 may in general be used, at no cost, but only in connection with a presentation of my research. For other uses, you will need a special permit from me.
Concerning photo number 7, special conditions apply. It may be used in connection with my book Arbete & välfärd, Studentlitteratur, in other cases contact also Studentlitteratur.

There are more photos by Susanne Kronholm  here (.pdf) The photos in the pdf, are only for information, and may not be used for publication. Please contact me for high resolution versions of those  portraits.

Contact: ake.sandberg2 /at/








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