World Inequality Report 2018

World Inequality Report 2018, by  Thomas Piketty m fl har jag kikat på. Den ger en myckt spännande och oroande bild av växande ojämlikhet snart sagt överallt.  Men den visar också på stora skillnader mellan i övrigt jämförbara länder. De nationella modellerna, till exempel den skandinaviska modellen på arbetsmarknadens och välfärdens områden gör skillnad. Men växande ojämlikhet oroar. Vad betyder det på arbetslivets områden?  det är spännande att reflektera över de många diagrammen och tabellerna. Här finns en sammanfattning.

We show that income inequality has increased in nearly all world regions in recent decades, but at different speeds. The fact that inequality levels are so different among countries, even when countries share similar levels of development, highlights the important roles that national policies and institutions play in shaping inequality…
Since 1980, very large transfers of public to private wealth occurred in nearly all countries, whether rich or emerging. While national wealth has substantially increased, public wealth is now negative or close to zero in rich countries. Arguably this limits the ability of governments to tackle inequality; certainly, it has important implications for wealth inequality among individuals…
Tackling global income and wealth inequality requires important shifts in national and global tax policies. Educational policies, corporate governance, and wage-setting policies need to be reassessed in many countries.””

Challenges for the organizing of work and for research – a new book


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Now published: Our new book in Swedish ”På jakt efter framtidens arbete” is now published and may be downloaded here. Translation of the title:  ”On the hunt for work of the future – Challenges for the organizing of work and for research”.

Twenty-eight authors write on research policy and the need for a really work-oriented worklife research, with a focus on which work organizations contribute to decent work, health and human development,  rather than how to cure individuals already ill from working. Good and productive work is a theme. Work-oriented worklife research does also study management but from the perspective: what are the consequences for work and workers, rather than as in business studies -how can workers best be controlled and managed. Macro issues, power and industrial relations are crucial aspects,and not only the level of the individual.

You may download below an English version of the table of contents and a separate document with abstracts in English of all the twenty-four chapters. The book may be downloaded here and at the publisher, Tankesmedjan Tiden, and you may also buy the printed book. Photo below, some of the authors at a seminar in June with a draft edition of the book. Unfortunately several women on the programme could finally not participate, but you will find them in the book!

Download the whole book in Swedish here
or at Tankesmedjan Tiden.  Download the first chapter

Download   Table of contents in English  
Download   Abstracts in English 

There is a more complete page in Swedish
Welcome to our Facebook page  (in Swedish)
You may buy the printed book at Tankesmedjan Tiden
and at

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In the picture, from left to right at a presentation of a draft version of the bok (June 10, 2016): Ernst Hollander, John Sjöström, Fredrik Movitz, Åke Sandberg, Åke Walldius, Lennart Sturesson, Jesper Bengtsson (moderator), Carola Löfstrand. Unfortunately several women on the programme could finally not participate.


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