Photos – Porträtt

Here are some  high resolution portraits. To download a portrait, doubleklick on the picture and save.  From top to bottom:
Number 1 shot in my home town Säffle in Värmland, in the park at a the church. Photo by Åke Bruce.
Photos 2 – 5 are private, mainly by Klara Sandberg Svejgaard
Number 4 is shot from the roof of White architects’ buildning at Hammarbykanalen, Södermalm, Stockholm.
Number  6 and 7, photo by  Zanna Nordqvist/ETC
Number 8 and 9, studio photos by Anders Andersson/Studentlitteratur.

With mention of the photographer’s name, photos may be used freely
in connection with a presentation of my research. For other uses, please contact me. Number 9 and 10 , please contact me before publishing.


1                                                                                  2

IMG_2648    ÅkeSandberg_WhiteArk_Feb2012

3                                                                      4




6                                                                    7


8                                                             9


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