Thomas Piketty undresses Norwegian Airlines CEO: Inequality, and taxes on wealth and inheritance

As a service to foreign friends. Here are two clips you must see – Piketty 1, Piketty 2 – from the Swedish-Norwegian talk show, Skavlan, with an excellent and revealing dialogue. Economist Thomas Piketty verbally undresses capitalist and CEO of Norwegian airlines, Bjoern Skos.
Piketty among other things reveals CEO Skos’ tax sham (saying he pays 1000 % taxes) – but in reality a very small percentage of his wealth of several billion dollars.

Piketty also criticized Sweden’s 0 % inheritance tax (equal only to that in Berlusconi’s Italy) and compared to about 40 % tax on big fortunes inherited in most countries. The Swedish model is changing.

Added May 9, 2015
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