World Inequality Report 2018

World Inequality Report 2018, by  Thomas Piketty m fl har jag kikat på. Den ger en myckt spännande och oroande bild av växande ojämlikhet snart sagt överallt.  Men den visar också på stora skillnader mellan i övrigt jämförbara länder. De nationella modellerna, till exempel den skandinaviska modellen på arbetsmarknadens och välfärdens områden gör skillnad. Men […]

Challenges for the organizing of work and for research – a new book

  Now published: Our new book in Swedish ”På jakt efter framtidens arbete” is now published and may be downloaded here. Translation of the title:  ”On the hunt for work of the future – Challenges for the organizing of work and for research”. Twenty-eight authors write on research policy and the need for a really work-oriented […]

In English – Tag

Tagging posts in English As a service to non-Swedish speaking visitors I have a project: I will start giving new, and slowly also old, posts in the English language a special tag: English. In that way you should be able to find posts that you can read. All for now. Cheers /Åke

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