Season’s Greetings! God Jul!






Vänner! Season’s Greetings! En God jul och ett Gott nytt år – Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année – Merry Christmans and a Happy New Year.

Winter trees in November from the University at Frescati. And Stockholm City, Sergels Torg, a few  day’s ago with the glass obelisque, after 50 years, now renovated and for the first time in the red colour, the artist intended – not because of Christmas. LED technology now allows for the correct colour.












Och igår, kvällen innan julen bryter ut, julskoj och jazz med sköna Isabella Lundgren med trio. I publiken trummislegenden Ronnie Gardiner, som sjöng Happie Brithday för Isabella, som just fyllt 30 år.

Snart nytt år – med sin fantastiska röst sjunger Isabella Lundgren  här  ”What are you doing the rest of your life?”  Listen to fabolous Isabella Lundgren













… and sun rising in the morning of Christmas Eve in the archipelago

Författare: Åke Sandberg

BIO: Åke Sandberg is a researcher and author within work, management, IT and media. Holds an MBA from Gotenburg and PhD in sociology (Uppsala). Emertius professor at Stockholm University, earlier at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology (School of Computer Science and Communication, and Inst. of industrial management) and Arbetslivsinstitutet (the National Institute for Working Life, NIWL). This is my private blog, but of course I am drawing om what I learn in my research and work.


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