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April 30 2010:  Welcome to my new home page. Slowly I intend to build it up with information about my work and reseaarch (and perhaps my life). There will among other things be presentations of research projects and lists of publications and some links to full texts.

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  1. Hello Björn, cont’d testing, and some conversation … This looks fine. Never saw a lotus Åke with a sunshining umbrella before – I like it. And I like the photo on the Home part, with me in front of a stop war wall, with some red grafitti on it. Will come back to you later, when I have some experience with the page, regarding possible minor modifications. Cheers mate! — PS Edited afterwards, changed the name from Åkw to the correct one Åke. So my next comment will be partially incomprehensible… if you do not read this PS

  2. Sorry – no good idea misspelling my name, it is complicated enough for foreign friends with the first letter, Å, the A with a little circle over it, that circle originally being an extra a but above the basic A, that is formerly Aake -> Åke; foreign friends tend to write Aake or Ake, and some even find an Å in something I wrote and then copy & paste – very much appreciated endevour. In Denmark they still use Aa in stead of Å, especially in names of persons and places.
    And as said, this is complicated enough. Writing Åkw is a really bad idea – how to pronounce I do not have a clue, for a swede you would probably end up in something close to ‘akward’ 😉 Anyhow, not I learnt about the comment function, and that is a good thing. / Yours truly Ake – Aake – Åke !!

  3. Sound Great Åke!

    I fixed the Meta part of the Sidebar this morning, so what is remaining to is mostly making the background stand out more as you. But as you said, I think it’s a good idea to have a period where you test it out and get acquainted with the whole thing – functions and looks!

    Yours truly, designer, la la.. Björn

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