Job Quality in Sweden – New book chapter

Job quality in Sweden. wps39  Hösten 2022. Vår nya publikation om arbetsliv i Sverige.
Job Quality in Sweden, by Åke Sandberg and Ian Hampson. Chapter 2, in The Oxford Handbook of Job Quality, 2022.
Find a draft of our chapter, then entitled “The Swedish Contribution to Job Quality”, both in  the Sociology Dept. series of Working papers, (2019, wp39),  and also directly here on this homepage.

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The Oxford Handbook of Job Quality
Edited by Chris Warhurst, Chris Mathieu, and Rachel E. Dwyer
Table of Contents

Job Quality Matters, Chris Warhurst, Chris Mathieu, and Rachel E. Dwyer
Section I: The Foundations of Job Quality
1:The Quality of Working Life, David Guest
2:The Swedish Contribution to Job Quality, Ian Hampson and Åke Sandberg (to download)
3:Job Quality: A Family Affair?, Chris Warhurst, Sally Wright, and Chris Mathieu
Section II: Understanding Job quality
4:Understanding Differences and Trends in Job Quality: Perspectives from Cross-National Research, Sven Hauff and Stefan Kirchner
5:Understanding Job Quality Using Qualitative Research, Angela Knox and Sally Wright
6:Quantitative Approaches to Assessing Jobs, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo, Enrique Fernández-Macías, and José-Ignacio Antón
7:Institutions, Societies, and the Quality of Employment, John Godard
Section III: Key Issues in Job Quality
8:Job Polarization: Its History, an Intuitive Framework, and Some Empirical Evidence, Maarten Goos, Emilie Rademakers, Anna Salomons, and Marieke Vandeweyer
9:Geographies of Job Quality, Sally Weller, Tom Barnes, and Nicholas Kimberley
10:The Cornerstone of Job Quality: Occupational Safety and Health, Maria Albin, Chris Mathieu, Esa-Pekka Takala, and Töres Theorell
11:Innovation and Job Quality, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo, Rafael Grande, and Enrique Fernández-Macías
12:Immigration and Job Quality, Amada Armenta and Shannon Gleeson
13:Inequality in Job Quality: Class, Gender, and Contract Type, Duncan Gallie
Section IV: Regional Developments in Job Quality
14:Job Quality in the United States and Canada, Arne L. Kalleberg, Sylvia Fuller, and Ashley Pullman
15:The Great Recession and Job Quality Trends in Europe, Christine Erhel, Mathilde Guergoat-Larivière, Janine Leschke, and Andrew Watt
16:Job Quality in Emerging Economies through the Lens of the OECD Job Quality Framework, Sandrine Cazes, Paolo Falco, and Balint Menyhért
Section V: Sectoral Developments in Job Quality
17:Job Quality in High Touch Services, Mary Gatta
18:The Steady but Uneven Decline in Manufacturing Job Quality, Jeffrey S. Rothstein
19:Neoliberalism’s Impact on Public Sector Job Quality: The US and Germany Compared, Carsten Sauer, Peter Valet, Vincent J. Roscigno, and George Wilson
20:Job Quality for Service and Care Occupations: A Feminist Perspective, Orly Benjamin
21:The Changing Quality of Office Work, Chris Baldry
22:Job quality and the Small Firm, Paul Edwards and Monder Ram
Section VI: Improving job quality
23:Human Resource Management and Job Quality, Peter Boxall and John Purcell
24:Using Efficiency, Equity, and Voice for Defining Job Quality, and Legal Regulation for Achieving It, Stephen F. Befort, Silvia Borelli, and John W. Budd
25:Trade Unions and Job quality, Mel Simms

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