Nordic Lights – Download Chapter 1



A preview of the introductory chapter of Nordic Lights is now available,  for download (pdf). It includes the Table of Contents as well as prof. Paul Adler’s Foreword and the whole of Chapter 1: How Bright are the Nordic Lights?

You will also see the book cover, with endorsements by professors Manuel Castells, Russell Lansbury, Ruth Milkman, Michael Schumann and Chris Smith.

Download here:  Nordic Lights introductory chapter
Foreword by Paul Adler
Chapter 1: How Bright are the Nordic Lights?

Want to read more? The book is available
at  Bokus or Adlibris, in print and as e-book
Information from Bokus for English-speaking readers

For more about our book go to my Nordic Lights pages
You may order  the book at a lower price by downloading one of the flyers from SNS förlag
Nordic Lights Flyer #1
Nordic Lights Flyer #2




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