Freedom fighters – “The government as editors of public broadcasting”

Freedom fighters, the editorial board of the new television  Swedish Freedom News Network, in a unique photo. The editors happen to be the  Swedish rightwing government party leaders (as they looked a couple of years ago).

The background: The Swedish government just announced that all new programme ideas coming up from the Public Broadcasting System in Sweden, from Public Service radio and TV, must first be announced and scrutinized by a government unit and by commercial media, to prevent that ideas come up that might compete with or diminish the market for commercial media. The governemnt sais this new ‘censorship’, control before publication, is due to a directive from the European Union.

Anyhow, many say it is against the Swedish Constitution, with its strong regulation in favour of freeedom of the press.

On the other hand it is in line with the European Unions consistent priorities: the free market, the economy, business in short is #1, second and third and fourth comes democracy, culture and social aspects like health, and the environemnt.

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