Juian Assange, WikiLeaks and Sweden

After seeing the Swedish Public Television documentary on WikiLeaks, link in my previous post,  it might be of interest to read an article in today’s the Independent (London). Katrine Kielos writes about Assange’s relation to Sweden. Kielos is a lead writer in Aftonbladet,  Sweden’s only national left or centre-left newspaper. Today’s breaking news in Aftonbladet is the fact that the communications and lobbying company Prime, have been paid by the Employer’s Federation (Svenskt Näringsliv) to try and influence the social democratic party’s new policy, after its defeat in the recent elections. Prime counts many (former) social democrats among its partners; one of them, Niklas Nordström was a chairperson of the social democratic youth organization, and is among the names mentioned as a possible new party leader.

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