Related publications on work – today and in the future

Three related events – over the past decade. Follow the links below for more on each one of them.

Freeman Future of work UR Skärmklipp
Almost ten years ago I took part in a seminar on the Future of work. Organized by the Institute for futures studies and introduced by professor Richard B Freeman, Harvard University. Göran Rosenberg  moderated and Lena Sommestad and I commented.

Vem reglerar ditt livs timmar?
I came to think of this when I was speaking recently at a seminar (in Swedish), also arranged by iffs, about Time, flexibility and class, this time in the Finlandia house in Stockholm.

Another related event. The recent publication of the Oxford Handbook of Job Quality, where Ian Hampson (Sydney) and I have a chapter on Job Quality in Sweden  – an overview of what we know.

On my part, a background to our chapter is maybe two edited volumes,  Nordic Lights (2014) and, in Swedish, Arbete & Välfärd (2019)

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